Teach what you love with Community Education at Diablo Valley College.  Join our distinguished & talented instructors who are teaching what they love.  Whether you are an expert or hobbyist in the arts, history, sciences or health, we want to hear your course ideas.
We are always looking for instructors who are passionate about teaching and giving back to their community.
That's me!
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Please note that instructors are not permitted to use our teaching opportunities to promote a business, product or service, of any kind.  Instructors are also not permitted to use student contact information for anything other than to communicate about the DVC CE class the students are attending that they are teaching.  Instructors may not contact students after their classes have ended, unless given written permission by the students.
Course Title *

Course Description *

May be edited for publications.
Please list the skills/information your students will walk away with (learning outcomes).

If you have taught this course before, please share where and when.

If you have NOT taught this course before, please skip to question #9.
How many students typically enrolled?

If you are, or plan, to submit/offer this course during the same term, within an hour's drive of our location, please note your proposal will not be considered.  We prefer to offer courses that are unique within our community and we do not want the courses we offer to compete with other institutions in our area.

Are you offering/proposing this course at another nearby institution during your intended term? *

Number of hours per meeting(s) *

Number of class meetings *

Resources provided by DVC *

We will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Does your course require materials purchased/provided by you? *

If NO, skip to question #16.
Please list all materials needed and/or provided.

All materials will need to be reviewed and/or approved by the Director of Community Education during the interview.  Materials not approved by the Director will not be permitted in the classroom.
What is the approximate cost of materials per student?

Campus Location:

We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Day(s): *

Who is the target audience? *

How do you plan to market to the target audience? *

DVC Community Education only markets classes via our printed brochure and e-newsletter.  Instructors are required to do the bulk of marketing.  Our office can provide a limited number of flyers for instructors to distribute on their own time and at their own cost.
Based on your expertise, how much would community members pay to take this course? *

Please provide the best way to reach you by phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx. *

Are you currently a CCCCD employee? *

We are a fee-based program that does not receive state funding.  In order for us to provide quality enrichment experiences to our community, we need to price our courses affordably, which means keeping costs low, while maintaining high standards.  

Instructors are paid the salary agreement stated between DVC Community Education & instructor.  Potential instructors must complete a DVC application, interview & background check before being made an offer to teach.

By submitting this proposal, you accept that the office of Community Education makes final edits for publications, sets the course fees and instructor pay.  You also accept that you are not permitted to gather student information for non-DVC Community Education purposes or promote a business, sell items, products, or services to students at any time.

Do you accept these terms?


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